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The Five Most Important Money Lessons To Teach Your Kids

Teaching about money to the kids is essential to lead a successful life in the future.  As concerned, parents should set as a living example for their child to earn, to save, to budget, to spend and to manage money. 

Given below is a list to prepare the kids for future readiness;

1.    Money earned:  The parents should teach the kids about the ways of making money and need to explain money is not cultivated; it is earned through hard work.  Once the children learn the concepts of the money, they will be better in managing the money in the future.  The parents should discuss how hard to earn a single penny to their kids.

2.    Things cost:  While shopping, explain the value of the products purchased in the shop in terms of money.  Ask them to calculate the value of each item displayed in the shop.  MiniandMaximus offer the toys at a reasonable price.  If the kids want something from the shop, ask them to set the goals to buy the toy for the next time.  This will help the kids to become smarter in managing the money.

3.    Cultivate savings:  Teach them about savings and its importance.  Make them understand that saving a penny will help in prospects.  Be a role model and accompany the kids to keep the money.  Cultivate savings as a habit rather than the occasional aspect.

4.    Make them create a budget:  Budgeting is the key to financial success, and one can be financially stable when they learn the art of budgeting.  Teach the kids to make a budget for the month including spending, saving and sharing for a month.  Kids will learn to divide the money accordingly for all these three aspects. Discuss with the kids about the family budget and how it is allocated for each category. 

5.    Avoid spending:  Many kids want to explore and shop for new things.  Teach the use of each item and ask them to analyze whether the purchase will be useful for them or not.  Ask them to avoid unnecessary expenses which will make them exceed the budget.  …

Getting the best Prices when Shopping for Decking

Now that everyone knows that decking is a cost-effective way of enhancing the looks of a house while also helping it climb up the ladder in the housing market, it is not easy deciding which is the best material and where should one buy it.

Wood, composite, metal, bamboo and plastic are some of the common material used in decking, of which plastic decking boards are very popular because they are easy maintenance, stain resistant, weatherproof and will not splinter like wood and most importantly they are cheap. But not everyone likes the plastic look. You must consider the pros and cons of all the materials before you finalize on the product.  Thus, decking costs primarily depend on the material and the size of the product required to meet your demands. But there are a few other factors that one often overlooks while budgeting decking costs.

Lesser known decking costs

You must know the various heads to calculate your costs for decking.

  1. Labor: Some decking is dependent on screws and fasteners. When you use these types, you will have to pay installation fees which is independent of the material used. Not only that you must also take into account labor costs. Together these two factors account for two-thirds of the total cost of decking.
  2. Hardware: Besides the decking material there will be additional charges like railing, protective spray, fasteners, screws etc. which must be included in the costs. To minimize wastage and save money you must take the exact measurements of the area for decking including the curves and steps.

While shopping for decking one must ensure that you are not buying treated material, especially with phenol because hypersensitive people have severe side effects. You must also ensure that the usage of glue is minimal.…